Selected from over 3000+ talented translators based on their expertise in the field of the document, ensuring a professional translation within the specified area. Our translators cover 130 languages worldwide, catering to the diverse needs of our clients.

Bringing together global professional translation teams from prestigious institutions such as Monterey, Bath, BFSU, and SISU, with thousands of experiences in interpreting services, we provide accurate, professional, and authentic multi-language interpreting services for you.

German Bosch imported equipment, national equipment warehouse, rapid arrival on site, remote simultaneous interpretation support on multiple platforms such as Zoom, experienced technical personnel to escort your international conferences and foreign affairs events.

A one-stop international events provider with language services at its core, offering multilingual conference planning, design, and on-site interpretation team support. Our international execution team ensures that your conference is at the forefront of global standards.

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17 years of industry accumulation, national integrity brand.
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Professional manual translation with multiple rounds of proofreading and lifelong quality assurance
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Exclusive server, exclusive team, multi-layer confidentiality.
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Craftsmanship spirit, talent strategy, technology-driven, process control.

Adhering to the spirit of translation craftsmanship, we carefully translate every work! Give your career wings to take off! Adhering to the spirit of talent strategy, we gather language experts, industry experts, and native language translators to provide you with every translation

Manuscript quality is guaranteed!

Adhering to the spirit of technology-driven, constantly introducing industry core technology, fighting for every second for your every project! Adhering to the scientific management process, one translation, two checks, three proofreads, and four inspections, meticulously controlling every detail.

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20 years of translation experience, covering more than 150 translation languages
Ukrainian language
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International experience combined with local execution expertise ensures your meeting is a complete success!
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  • Corporate annual meeting
  • Conference hosting
  • Booth construction
  • Translation arrangements
  • Material design and production
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With a professional execution team and design planning team, our goal is to ensure the smooth completion of every event.
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